Saturday, 20 February 2010

Kite Flying.......

Hi all

Managed to get out and about yesterday and get some images of the beautiful Red Kite, such an amazing bird and wonderful to see the re introduction programs working so well. The last time i photographed Red Kites was a long while back when i had a film camera and a manual focus lens!!!!! i must say its a lot easier with digital and fast autofocus lenses.....although out of nearly 8GB worth of images, there is only a handful i am happy with, perhaps im just hard to please!

Anyway i will be going back soon and have an image in mind i am after, in the mean time i hope you enjoy these shots.

All taken on a Nikon D300 with Sigma 500mm lens, shot in RAW, ISO 200-800

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Back at Last............

Hi there, sorry there hasnt been much to look at on here recently but ive had a few months away from wildlife photography due to one reason or another.

Last week i was luckily enough to have a week up in the Lake District nr to Penrith and was able to get out and about with the camera.

Once up in Penrith first stop was the Red Squirrels that seem to be doing well on the Lowther Estate up there, managed to track down a area which had good numbers of them. I baited the area with the normal of peanuts and peanut butter!!! Within a hour i had two feeding happily in front of the lens.

After half a day with the Reds i decided to try and photograph some of the bird life that frequents the forest as well, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Redpolls, Siskins, and the usual tits and Chaffinches.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Im back!!!


Sorry for lack of postings but a new arrival called Zach has been taking up my time recently!!!

Anyway i managed a few days out in the sun and found a few Siskins and Chaffinches more than willing to pose for the camera, this was my first encounter with Siskins and i enjoyed it!!


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Catch Up


Sorry the blog is a bit behind but have been fairly busy with a new addition to the family ...

Anyway, have had a good few sessions with Barn Owls recently and have enjoyed so close views with good photographic oppurtunities.

Here are a few from the last 2 weeks, the first 2 are from Pilling area and the other 3 are from Mere Brow



Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to you all........

With the lovely weather we have had over the Christmas period i managed a few early mornings out with the camera, sadly no new Christmas gadgets to play with, the girlfriend laughed at me when i asked for the Nikon 600mm!!! Anyway, with the frost being quite heavy for days the wildfowl close to me has been pushed off the salt marsh and onto some small ponds giving good photo opportunities, in particular the Wigeon. With the threat of the local Sparrowhawk about as well it gave for some good flight action!!

And a nice surprise on my way home was this little owl sat a top a disused barn ........

Thanks for reading folks and i hope you have a fab 2009


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Early Morning Start

With a crisp frost and clear forecast i decided on a early start this morning, wanted to grab some shots of some local barn owls i have been watching recently. Arrived at the site just after 7.30am, unloaded the car and headed off towards where i had decided would be a good place, after about 15 steps my sleepy eyes focused on something white sat on a wire fence, BINGO, the owls were out and about as i had hoped.. I carried on and set myself up against a grass bank where i knew they hunted, put my bad hide over me and waited. Just before the sun came up i got a glimpse of 2 Barn Owls, a Marsh Harrier and a male Hen Harrier. The Marsh Harrier came to see what i was upto but the light was still gloomy to get any shots, however, true to form the Barn Owls stayed out hunting until about 9.30am, i was after a shot of them perched but had to settle for some flight shots this time round......

At about 11am with the owls out of sight i decided to call it a day, just as i was packing away 2 Bewick Swans passed overhead......

And just for good measure i had a quick look at Marshside before heading home for a turkey sandwich!!!

Thanks Andy

Monday, 15 December 2008

High Tide

With the tide predicted at 9.36m today i decided to head out to the shore line to try and photograph some waders. The secret when doing this is to get in position early and let the tide push the birds towards you. Having walked my intended site the day before with the RSPB warden (which was nice!) I had a good idea of what kind of shots i was after ... however as with wildlife photography it didnt quite happen like that!!!!

I managed to get a few shots of flocks of Dunlin, Oystercatchers and a few Grey Plover as they tazzed past but not the low level feeding shots i was after. It wasnt helped by it being a v calm day and there was no wind to push the tide up higher. Anyhow i got there about 70mins before high tide and set myself up under my bag hide, after a few mins a large flock of Oystercatchers gave me a great fly by ....... and that was about it until after high tide!!! As i was walking back to the car, i stopped to pick my bottom lip up off the floor and noticed large flocks of waders heading my way, so with a quick fumble i got set up again! Dunlin .......vroooommm ..... Grey Plover vroom .... fantastic, the sound they made as they crashed past me about 10ft away was awesome!!

Camera Specs: Nikon D2xs, Sigma 500mm, tripod with sidekick head, bag hide, muddy knees and a wet bum!

ISO: 320 , 1/800th @ f8 all photos
RAW file, converted using Bibble and CS3
See you Soon!!
Hoping to get some Barn Owl shots leading up to Christmas ..... keep looking!!